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Current Doctoral Students

  1. Vinícius Silva Osterne Ribeiro, Quasi-Likelihood for Signal and Image Processing.
  2. Diego Perdigão Sousa, Machine Learning for Leakage Detection in Water Distribution Systems.
  3. Ildo Ramos Vieira, Signal Processing for IoT Communications.
  4. Lucas de Paula Damasceno, Independent Vector Analysis for Misinformation Detection, (with Dr. Zois Boukouvalas).

Current Master Students

  1. Rafael de Carvalho Bluhm, Complex-Valued Signal Processing for Noncircular Signals.
  2. Rafael Moreira Albuquerque, Adaptive Strategies for Parameter Estimation on Educational Data.
  3. Genilson Gomes da Silva, Information Geometry for Distances of Matrices in Different Dimensions.
  4. Ana Carolina Nepomuceno Costa, Statistical and Machine Learning for Prediction of Crimes Against Women.


Doctoral Students Graduated

  1. Fazal E Asim, Array Processing and Precoding Design for Next Generation of Wireless Communication Systems, October 2020 (with Dr. Josef Nossek).
  2. Francisca Leidmar Josué Vieira, Deformed Exponentials in Statistical Manifolds: Characterization and Analysis of Family of Entropies, January 2020
  3. Ana Flávia Paiva Rodrigues, Deformed Exponentials and Financial Markets: Applications to Portfolio Selection and Asset Pricing, March 2018.
  4. Luiza Helena Felix de Andrade, Advances on Generalized Statistical Manifolds: An Extension to Exponential and Mixture Arcs, March 2018.
  5. David Carneiro de Souza, Generalized Statistical Manifolds and a Modification of the Maximum Likelihood Estimator, December 2016.
  6. Igor Moáco Guerreiro, Distributed Optimization Techniques for 4G and Beyond, September 2016.
  7. Antônio Alisson Pessoa Guimarães, Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Study Using Stochastic Geometry Approach, July 2014.
  8. Rui Facundo Vigelis, On Musielak-Orlicz Function Spaces and Applications to Information Geometry, June 2011.
  9. Lígia Maria Carvalho Sousa, Statistical Modelling and Precoder Design for Coordinated MIMO Wireless Communication Systems, May 2011.
  10. Antônio Macilio Pereira de Lucena, Study of the Communication Systems with Frequency Superposed Non-Orthogonal Signals, August 2006 (with Dr. João Cesar Moura Mota).

Master Students Graduated

  1. Lucas de Paula Damasceno, Independent Vector Analysis Using Semi-Parametric Density Estimation Via Multivariate Entropy Maximization, May 2021 (with Dr. Zois Boukouvalas).
  2. Júlio Peixoto da Silva Júnior, Feature Extraction Methods for Seizure Detection: A Comparative Approach, February 2019 (with Dr. Guilherme de Alencar Barreto).
  3. Diego Perdigão Sousa, Short-Circuit Fault Detection in Three Phase Induction Motor using Prototype-Based Classifiers, February 2019 (with Dr. Guilherme de Alencar Barreto).
  4. Daniel Matias Silva dos Santos, Pilot Selection in Wireless Communication Systems, July 2016.
  5. Henriques Mateus Joaquim Zacarias, Evaluation of the Fetus Heart Frequency Based on Nonlinear Metrics, August 2015 (with Dr. Paulo César Cortez).
  6. Raymundo Nogueira de Sá Netto, Analysis of Compressive Sensing for Limited Feedback Channel with Quantization Errors and Noise in SM-MIMO Systems, January 2013.
  7. Raphael Torres Santos Carvalho, Wavelet Transform on the Detection of Larynx Pathologies, March 2012 (with Dr. Paulo César Cortez).
  8. Igor Moáco Guerreiro, Game-Theoretic Antenna Subset Selection for Multiuser MIMO Systems, January 2010.
  9. Antônio Alisson Pessoa Guimarães, On Capacity Bounds for the MIMO Channel with Rice Fading: An Approach by Majorization Theory, July 2010.
  10. Cibelly Azevedo de Araújo, Reduction of Required Feedback in Wireless Communication Systems Using a Cross-Layer Approach, April 2008.
  11. Rui Facundo Vigelis, Estimation Strategies for Time Varying Channels in OFDM Systems, September 2006.
  12. Darlan Cavalcante Moreira, Channel Estimation Strategies for Link Adaptation in MIMO-OFDM Systems, August 2006.