Telecommunications: Advances and Trends in Transmission, Networking and Applications, Networking and Applications

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This book is copyrighted by University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR - Edson Queiroz Foundation). UNIFOR has kindly allowed to place a copy on the web, as a reference and for ease of web searches. Click on the link for pdf file, ~200 pages.

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This book is aimed at the advanced level and is suitable for graduate students and researchers. The material can be used as advanced special topics to be used for independent study, for example, an introduction for graduate students who wish to conduct research in the areas covered by the chapters of the book. Engineers may appreciate the up-todate tutorial exposition to timely topics. Some technologies reviewed here are being (or even already) incorporated into commercial systems.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 - Information Theory and Wireless Channel Modeling

Mérouane Debbah

Chapter 2 - Unsupervised Signal Processing: Concepts, Applications and Trends

Ricardo Suyama, Leonardo T. Duarte, Aline Neves, Rafael Ferrari, Romis R. F. Attux, Charles C. Cavalcante, Cynthia Junqueira, João Marcos T. Romano

Chapter 3 - Tensor Decompositions and Applications to Wireless Communications Systems

André L. F. de Almeida, Gérard Favier, João C. M. Mota

Chapter 4 - Power Control for Wireless Networks

Raimundo A. de Oliveira Neto, Fabiano de S. Chaves, F. Rodrigo P. Cavalcanti, Ricardo B. dos Santos

Chapter 5 - Crosslayer Techniques - Theory and Application

Benno Zerlin, Josef A. Nossek

Chapter 6 - Power Line Communications: A Promising Communication System's Paradigm for Last Miles and Last Meters Applications

Moisés Vidal Ribeiro

Chapter 7 - New Trends in Biometrics

Bernadette Dorizzi

Chapter 8 - Modeling of Complex Photonic Structures Devices and Applications

Vitaly F. Rodríguez-Esquerre, Hugo E. Hernández-Figueroa, M. Koshiba